John L. Stein

Fast cars and faster motorcycles. Killer whales and coral reefs. Triathlon toughened and green focused. Introducing maybe the first professional writer with such an eclectic (some might say schizophrenic) and passionate knowledge base. From a fetching headline for an enthusiast publication to a riveting video concept to a complete product marketing strategy, John L. Stein has the unique approach and perspective your next project needs to break out.

“John’s writing, editing, conceptual ability and flexibility under the challenges of the business are all superb. I highly recommend him.”

Jerry Burton, Senior Vice President/Associate Creative Director

“As a writer and creative associate, John L. Stein's extraordinary ability to analyze, distill and deliver is right on target.”

Edward Knotts, Creative Director/Producer
Edward Knotts Creative

“John’s incisive analysis and ability to frame complex issues in understandable terms made him my first choice to cover sensitive environmental issues for Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine.“

Steve Blount, Founding editor
Rodale's Scuba Diving

"John has the unique ability to take the mundane, like car detailing, or the overly complicated, like a desmodromic valve actuation, and make it enjoyable to read."

Roger Hart, Managing Editor

“John L. Stein is fast, accurate and knowledgeable, able to shift gears at short notice and hit deadlines.”

Paul Duchene, Executive Editor
Sports Car Market/Corvette Market