Product Knowledge

Explaining complex new technologies can be a challenge – particularly when you’ve got a product or service to bring to market, and limited budget to do it. Journalists, dealers, sales consultants, service techs and retail customers alike need to understand the unique advantages of any product or service. If the message doesn’t come across clearly, the customer may make the wrong choice and the company’s launch investment may go to waste. John L. Stein specializes in creating ease-to-understand communications for even the most complex technologies, benefiting customers and corporations alike.

The foundation of John’s product expertise comes from personal experience, magazine and manufacturer testing, product testing and comparisons, adventuring and racing. From the German autobahns to the deserts of Mojave, and from Caribbean coral reefs to the high banks of Daytona, John has experienced driving, diving and riding at the limit. His wide range of experiences in producing road tests and product comparisons for print and video – and distilling the main points into simple and readable form – make him a smart pick for any product-focused communication.