Green Think

After earning a BA degree in English/Creative Writing from California State University Long Beach, John attended the University of Miami in a post-baccalaureate marine biology program.

He served as environmental editor on Sport Diver and Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazines, and has dived throughout the Caribbean and in the US, Canada, New Zealand and on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. John has worked on documentary filming of multiple whale and dolphin species, including killer whales, and is among only a few people ever to swim with sperm whales in the open ocean. He also served as Conservation Chairman for the American Cetacean Society.

John’s interest in environmental issues prompted the founding of Terra Firma Publishing, a book publisher of environmental titles during the 1990s. The trade paperback How to get Water Smart was heralded as the best water-conservation book of its time and was distributed by municipal water departments in Florida, Texas and California.

He substantially developed the curriculum for Toyota’s original Prius hybrid and RAV4 EV electric SUV, adapted texts for a DVD on the Mercury Mariner Hybrid, and has tested a number of hybrid, electric and hydrogen-powered cars, including GM’s original EV1 electric vehicle and Honda’s original FCX hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. He also covered the inaugural Solar & Electric 500 race for alternative vehicles in Arizona.