“John L. Stein is a valued contributor to both Corvette Market and Sports Car Market magazines. He is fast, accurate and knowledgeable, able to shift gears at short notice and hit deadlines. He also asks questions at assignment, so that what is delivered is what was agreed upon.”

Paul Duchene, Executive Editor
Sports Car Market / Corvette Market

“As a writer and creative associate, John L. Stein has contributed significantly to the success of our award-winning publications and media productions. Whether it's complex technical specifications, corporate communication or brand messaging, Stein's extraordinary ability to analyze, distill and deliver is right on target and first class!”

Edward Knotts, Creative Director/Producer
Edward Knotts Creative

“Good journalism depends on curiosity and intelligence. It depends on courage, and imagination. It depends on hard work, discipline, experience, and above all integrity. No one embodies these characteristics more completely, or embraces them more passionately, than John L. Stein.”

Cook Neilson, Editor emeritus

"Whether writing about cars or motorcycles, John has exhibited skill in turning out polished copy for our readers. He has the unique ability to take the mundane, like car detailing, or the overly complicated, like a desmodromic valve actuation, and make it enjoyable to read."

Roger Hart, Managing Editor

“I have known John L. Stein professionally since the late 1980s and worked with him directly during his tenure as a contributor and later a contract editor for Corvette Quarterly magazine. He has also written for Hagerty’s magazine, a collector car journal published for Hagerty Insurance. John’s writing, editing, conceptual ability and flexibility under the challenges of the business are all superb. What’s more, John is one of the few freelancers that I would trust to interact directly with my clients. I highly recommend him.”

Jerry Burton, Senior Vice President/Associate Creative Director

“I've known and worked with John for nearly three decades. His incisive analysis and ability to frame complex issues in understandable terms made him my first choice to cover sensitive environmental issues for Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine. No one is better at the painstaking research and careful reconciliation of competing claims needed in environmental reporting.“

Steve Blount, Founding editor
Rodale's Scuba Diving